Welcome to the technology section.

First, let's do an overview of the most popular engines in Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG's).

Many 3D Engines are available and everyone of them have web sites, so you can compare them. Here's a partial list:

- HeroEngine ( by Simutronic, creator of the Hero's Journey) Bioware will use this engine in it's upcoming MMORPG
- Torque Engine ( by Garagegames )
- Gamebryo ( by Emergent Game Technologies )
- Big World ( by BigWorld Pty Ltd )

We decided to use The Multiverse Network engine because we think that open source and collaboration between developers are great thing and should be encouraged.
They use a custom version of the powerful 3D rendering engine Ogre.
Their technology is scalable, extensible, and highly customizable, enabling you to build your world with its own unique look and feel, gameplay, and mechanics. And guess what? It's free! team hopes to bring this engine to a higher level by adding custom built modules to the Network and share ideas with other developers.

For more info on the technology used by
please visit the Multiverse web site.