Like we told you on the Introduction page, Notorious Criminals will be a MMORPG, free to play.

Since we can't do illegal activities in real life, Notorious Criminals lets the player choose what kind of character he wants to be. In the fictional North American city of Hang Bay, he's immersed in the world of organized crime.

Control a territory, sell your "stuff", steal, and murder to find your way to the top as a crime lord. Or simply do your tasks, day after day, to be recognized as one of the powerfull criminals in the world. If you want to be a simple dealer, fine with us. If you want to be a hitman, fine. But, if you want to create an Outlaw Biker Gang, control a territory, start a gang war or just expand your business, maybe you'll have some problems with bigger, stronger and crazier people!

We decided to choose Open PvP type of world, since it was the best way to give the player a total liberty of action.
Yes we know everything about gangking. We know it can be frustrating, but it can be solve really easily.
Players who avoid that kind of gameplay won't be left behind. We will most certainly include PvE action, but with a twist.

The community is one of the most important things in a MMO. We, the Notoriouscriminals.net Team, think that groups of people inside a game, whether you call them "Clan" "Guild" or whatever other term, are a good way to bring players together. But sometimes the process of being accepted inside one of these "Clans" can be really hard.

Why not just change that!

Right now,in every other game on the market, applying for a guild membership is a process outside the game itself.
We want to bring that tedious process inside the game.