Welcome to the new and improved web site.

Let's start by who we are, shall we?
The team is formed by professionals and independent artists, programmers and game designers from around the world. We are not a company. We are more then that. We are a group of persons dedicated to one and simple thin: GAMING!

We came with the idea of producing a MMORPG based on the world of organized crime about five years ago. We wanted to let the player evolve in a seamless world, doing whatever an outlaw citizen would do. Only one thing was missing... How could we do it??

Banks and angel investors are always a good starting point to get fundings, but most of them are too afraid of risk to produce a game that could shock (Hot coffee anyone)! So there we are with our project!
Without money nothing can be done in this industry...

So we though!

The discovery of Multiverse came right in time! With their business solution that provided us with a free of charge gaming engine, we were no longer in search of the essential development kit! So it's now time to show the industry what a group of motivated and creative people can do with their assets.

Don't be shy to ask questions or to Join Us team