The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will be the place to get answers to the many's questions you may have.

Here are questions submitted by email:

Q - How is a Criminal organization managed?

A - Since we've got 6 "types" of organization in the game, and each of them is managed differently, it's hard to answer this question. But since we received many emails about it, let's give it a try..
Let's take the "Street Gangs" management type: Since they are the most "unorganized" of the groups, their leader will only have a basic options management, available only in the "safe house" of the gang. He will be able to manage some financial activities, give some tasks to his members and recruit. Since street gangs are not as powerful as other groups, they are limited, but that doesn't mean they're not powerful enough to control a territory...

Let's take the "Outlaw Bikers" as a second example. They have a structure, they're organized and have influence against others. The "National President" of a Bikers Club is in charge of the gang management, but he's not alone in this task. He can promote or demote other players and give them some degree of power, like the ability to create a new chapter in a part of the town to control a territory. Be aware, my "Brother" that starting a chapter is dangerous and will cost you a lot of money...

Q - Does the game contain different races and classes?

A - Notoriouscriminals won't contain different classes, like warriors or mages like in a medieval-fantasy type of MMO, and you won't be able to find a Dragon in the city, that's for sure! After all it's a "realistic" type of MMO we're trying to achieve here! Concerning races, again, you won't find any Elf or Orc walking around the street in Hang-bay. Only HUMANS.