Hang-Bay City

Here's a city name easy to remember!

City background:

In 1430, the Indian tribes knows as The Algonquin, Iroquois and the Huron was living they life in a region that they call "sah-rah-ka," said to mean "the side hill". A beautiful place surround by vegetation, tall trees and river. Many of these tribes was living in harmony with they neighbors till the European came in late in 1530.

At first the Tribes welcome the newcomer with open arm, teaching them the way of the nature and to respect what bring you food and for 200 years it was ok.
The problems begin with the American Revolution, the war separate the harmony within the tribes, some take side with the French, other with the British, and the ones that don’t take sides vanish.

At the end of the Revolution, a warrior group of Indian, The Mohawk, found a way to take prisoners some of the key member of the government of a little town call Blowing Rock in the north. The army was send to take back this town at any cost. The cost was extremely high for both sides, but the military, more organize and train than The Mohawk, won the battle.The army manages to capture 12 Mohawk during the battle and at 2pm on the second sound of the church bell all the Indians were hang by the neck in the middle of the marketplace.

Even if the battle was short, most of the little town of Blowing Rock was in ashes only the church is still standing. The surviving settlers took their package and leave the town forever. In 1796, twenty years after the Declaration of Independence, a group of explorers and farmers found the ruin of an uncharted town. They name it, Hang Bay after they discover a drawing, in the wreckage, of 12 persons hang by the neck almost twenty years ago. Now its peace, it’s time to rebuild and make this new city prospers.

In 1950, after the Second World War, some of the veteran incapable of letting go, decide to make a bike association, to past time together and make some fun, the old way. They call themselves The Specters. Calm at the start they become more and more annoying. Loud music, sex, drug and fighting are they way of life. The police or even the government is having a hard time trying to control them, so they decide to vote a new law banning Gangs from the city. The law passed but it didn’t have a good result, in fact it’s worse after that. A boost of sympathy and popularity for the outlaw bike association, concerning the constitutional right of the law did a good thing to The Specters, they recruit!

Passing from 15 members at the start in 1955, only five years after the law was voted, they are now 125 officials’ members In 1965, the city populations reach 2 millions peoples, and more then 25 outlaw bike gang was in activity. The government is overwhelmed by all of these gangs spreading all over the place and decides to put more pressure. Once again, the result is not quite good. Fighting take place everywhere, street, bar, park, even in court! The incapacity of the government to solve the problem spread to the west coast and other city gang came to Hang Bay.

Everyone wants a part of the pie. Hang Bay, beside gang problem, is the best place to live, the city got everything, salaries are good (+4% more then New York), the unemployment is less then 2% and it’s beautiful.

When you’ve got money be sure that someone will try to steal it!

In 1980, a west coast gang call Urban Cannibals was the second biggest outlaw bike gang in the city with 248 official members. The Specters are still the biggest with 300 official members and more then 250 affiliates. These affiliates are part of many other gangs that support The Specters. In 1982, in a stunning move the Urban Cannibals begin a control war against The Specters for the first time in more then 30 years of history The Specters are challenge on they own city.

An open War, in a city is not a good thing, but the public opinions just don’t care, they killing themselves some says, they procure job stability for the police other say, but for the government that is just too much.

During the war, the power in place vote new funding to fight crime and deploy a new agency that will only fight outlaw gang of all genre. The S.H.A.R.P. agency stance for Security Hang Bay Agency for the Return of Peace.

It been five years that the war started, The Specters suffer greatly from it. The Urban Cannibals manage to control most of the territory.

Now in 2010, the city is a big metropolis almost 10 millions peoples living they life, most of them don’t know about the town history and to be franc don’t care, the past is the past they say.

City detail:

It will be divide in 91 districts including:
- South Shore
- Port
- North Shore
- Downtown
- Old Port
- West mount
- East Bay
- Hang-Bay Old City
- Chinatown

Hang-Bay has been a crime refuge since the age of times...